Dr Bill Berk

Dr. Bill Berk
Doctor of Optometry
William Berk, OD, Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry, is accomplished with resolving contact lens challenges. He also has a special interest in glaucoma diagnosis and management, as well as finding solutions for binocular vision problems that may have been previously over-looked.

Dr. Bill grew up in Nevada, and moved to Oregon to attend Pacific University College of Optometry, where he met his wife, Dr. Anne. In 1985, they established the Eastside Vision Source practice. They expanded the practice to the Sunnyside Vision Source location in 1991. Patients with eye disease or corneal distortion that prevents good vision with spectacles require a high level of expertise and experience in contact lens fitting. Dr. Bill has enormous patience and skill, and works tirelessly to design the contact lens and/or spectacle system which will produce that best comfort and visual acuity possible for each patient. Dr. Berk also takes excellent care of the glaucoma patients in the practice. He diagnosed his father with early-onset glaucoma in the 1980s, and worked diligently to learn all that he could about diagnosing and managing the disease since that time. He has continued to monitor all of the latest research, diagnostic equipment, and treatment options. His skill and care with each patient, treating the whole person and not just the eye, has earned him loyal and appreciative patients. His interest in optics led to a hobby in photography that became a sideline in recent years. The photographs in the office were created by Dr. Bill. He is fascinated by light, and how the camera sees images differently than the eye. Dr. Bill became a Diplomate to the American Board of Optometry in March 2014, after rigorous study, evaluation, and testing. This effort exemplifies his determination to stay on top of his profession, re-affirm his love for the discipline of optometry, and continually strive for better knowledge to serve his patients.

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