Dr Nancy Buset

Dr. Nancy Buset
Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Nancy Buset joined our practice right after graduating from optometry school in 2001. She is especially passionate about pediatric optometry and vision therapy, and she’s been with us long enough to watch some of her patients grow from preschoolers to college students!


Dr. Nancy comes from a family of teachers, and educating her patients about their eyes and vision is her favorite part of her job. 

At age 8, Dr. Nancy was already significantly near-sighted, and she remembers the amazement of seeing clearly through her first pair of glasses. In high school and college, Dr. Nancy wore contact lenses. As an adult, she had Lasik surgery to correct her vision. She loves to help her patients explore the pros and cons of all these options, so they can determine which type of correction will best suit their own lifestyle.

Dr. Buset especially enjoys working with students and adults with functional vision problems, such as trouble focusing or aiming their eyes. Vision therapy is like physical therapy for the eyes; it is a powerful tool for resolving many learning-related vision issues, and the results can be very rewarding for both doctor and patient (www.covd.org for more information).

Dr. Nancy attended Central College in Pella, Iowa, where she majored in biology. She obtained her doctor of optometry (O.D.) degree from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, before moving to Oregon to establish her career.  

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